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Finance Bureau License Applications and Forms

NMLS Applications and Forms

The Iowa Division of Banking (IDOB) is a part of the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). Beginning October 1, 2017, companies and individuals must submit applications and amendments to licensing/registration information to IDOB through the NMLS.

Additional Resources for Licensees

The Iowa Division of Banking Finance Bureau regulates residential loan companies, industrial loan companies, debt management companies, mortgage bankers/brokers, delayed deposit services (payday lenders), money transmitters, and closing agents. These resources below are not on NMLS.

Annual Report Forms

The Annual Report is due on or before each April 15. A licensee provides information regarding its activity for the prior calendar year.

The report form is in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. A licensee can download the form and complete it in Excel. We ask you attach the completed form to an email and return the completed form to our office. You can send this email to

Depending on the internal settings of your computer, you when download the form, it may download as the Excel spreadsheet or download as the web page holding the Excel spreadsheet. If you computer downloads the webpage instead of the spreadsheet, you may have difficulty saving and modifying the spreadsheet in Excel.

We recommend that you "right-click" on the download button. This will bring up a menu which includes "Save target as . . ." You can use this command to save the spreadsheet to a file on your computer. After saving, you can open, complete, and save the file in Excel. Also, you can attach this file to an email as an Excel file.